Rolls Royce Limousine In Two Tone Silver

Our newest baby! Our beautiful Rolls Royce Limousine in Two Tone Silver. This stunning limousine seats 10 passengers (comfortably!). This is another reason why we recommend viewing cars you consider booking. We are aware that many companies will advertise their vehicles to seat a certain amount of passengers but that is not always the case so be sure to sit in them, see how it feels, how it would work with bridesmaid dresses, is it easy to get in and out of? We specifically made our door bigger for this reason. Once inside you will be sure to be impressed! We have fitted it with all new leather seats that are super comfortable, a huge tv and bar with cold iced water to keep you all hydrated during the long day. Its nice to finally be able to still have a classic car but something new and modern on the inside that can transport your bridal party in style and still look elegant and classic in your wedding photos and video. Classic cars never age and always look amazing, even 10 years later when you look back at your wedding photos the cars will always look beautiful and in style. Be sure sure to book the Limousine early though, they are always the first to get booked! Especially our Limousine in Two Tone Silver, its the only one of its kind!