Our Classic Wedding Cars And When To Book!

Picking the perfect details for your wedding day can be really daunting! With so many options out there it can be really overwhelming. Most couples that come in and see us always knew they wanted something classic and vintage for their wedding cars but if you are on the fence and trying to decide on new cars, old cars, muscle cars it’s a good idea to think of what you would want your wedding photos to look like. Having classic cars in your backdrop will always stay in fashion. It brings real elegance and sophistication to your photos and you will never look back and think that those cars are out of fashion, they are always in style! We also often get asked when should we book in the cars and our answer always is, if you see something you like, if you are happy with the service, if you are happy with quality then book! No matter how early it may be. This way you will ensure that you will get the cars that you want!